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This is my version of Dave Ramsey’s envelope system. I used an average 3 ring binder and business sized envelopes. Then I punched three holes in each envelope. It works out perfectly.

These are my envelopes:
Groceries(not just food, but shampoo, soap, etc)
Tim(for lunches, etc)
Car(tires, etc)
Family Fun(eating out, etc)
Gifts(for birthdays, Christmas, etc)
Misc(for little unexpected things)
Emergency Fund(usually just gets transfered to savings though)

Using cash is taking some getting used to. This weekend I used my debit card for something even though I brought the cash. But it is helping. I went grocery shopping today and paid careful attention to every dollar I was spending and kept a running tab. I stayed $25 under! So, that money goes back into the grocery envelope in case we need something else this week. If there is still money left at the end of the week, I either move it to another envelope(like savings) or if needed leave it in the grocery envelope for next week.


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There are certain times during the day where I would rather have the daddy’s job.  Like all night long.  Daddy sleeps peacefully through screaming babies, vomit, urine, and many other fun things.  He doesn’t hear the children wake up with nightmares or wet beds.  He just snores on. (I don’t think he’d wake up if a car came crashing through the wall) I can’t even remember the last time I slept more than a five hour stretch.  Just that whenever I did, I woke up very very scared.

The last few nights none of the kids wanted to go to bed.  Guess who had to keep putting them back in bed?(sometimes kicking and screaming)  And poor Dennis has woke up screaming the last two nights.  I don’t know if he is having a b ad dream or maybe scared because we are in a “new” house.  The first night I could not calm him down.  He wouldn’t even nurse.  He stuck his cheek against mine and just hugged my head and cried until he passed out.  Again last night, well about 5am, he started screaming.  Then his diaper came open(stupid cheap sposies) and he peed on the bed.  I had to take care of that, all while not putting down the screaming one year old.  He finally nursed, but of course would not let me lay down to do it.

I know, I know. Someday I’ll miss it all. But at least I’ll have a full night’s sleep.

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Tie Dying

I loved it. I miss it. I want to do it again.

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As I sit here, bored and setting up a blog, I have one kiddo “fixing” my hair. This involves her using various things, in this case a bubble wand and a towel, to brush my hair. Kiddos 1 and 2 are watching Celebrity Circus on the computer because they are not allowed to stay up late to watch it on tv. Kiddo 4 is (finally) napping.

So, what do I do with my free time? My school work(I’m taking online classes)? The paper I have due tonight? Nah. Let’s set up a blog! Maybe I’ll play some Guitar Hero next.

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