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Google Chrome

I totally love Google, so when I heard they were releasing a browser, I just had to have it! I was just waiting (not so patiently) until I could download it today.
 Read all about it on the Google Blog or go right here to download it.

There are some pretty cool features:
You can make shortcuts to your fave sites on your desk top.
The tab browsing is awesome. You can pull tabs out to make a new window and rearrange them smoothly.
When you open a new tab, you get a visual of your frequently visited sites.

I am hopeful to see Adblock for it soon, though. I didn’t even know some of the sites I visit had ads. Also, scrolling is super fast! I can’t keep up! But I’ll adjust.

Totally worth checking out! I mean, it’s Google. How can it be bad!?


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OMG these are the yummiest! My hubby doesn’t really care for cake, but peanut butter cups are his favorite ‘junk’ food. So I made these to take to his birthday party today. They are made the same as these lolli-cakes. But with chocolate cake. I still only needed 1/2 can of the frosting. I melted a whole bag of peanut butter chips(reese’s) with 3 squares of chocolate almond bark. When I ran out, I used up the rest of my white chocolate then moved on to the chocolate. My husband loves them! I knew he would lol.

The peanut butter/chocolate are on the right.

Here is a fuzzy pic of how they look on the inside:

And a fuzzy pic of the inside of the red velvet with white chocolate:

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