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Almost Done!

We have been working hard on the kids’ playroom. It has been painted and carpeted. I moved in the furniture, got some shelves. It is looking good and the kids are loving it already. I only have ONE thing I want to do. I want to hang rain gutter bookshelves. I am going to buy them today! I’ll post some pictures after the room is done. I lost all the “before” pictures when my computer crashed. But, trust me, this room was a mess. It was just a storage room full of crap. Wait until you see it now!


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Princess Cake–part 2

Success!  My mom did an awesome job with decorating this cake. As an added bonus, I was able to get a better picture of the inside colors too.

birthday 002

birthday 007

It was so  yummy and there was plenty left over for everyone to take some home. I even have some left here!

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I am baking Madison’s birthday cake and then my mom (a professional cake decorator) is going to help me decorate it. We are doing a Princess Cake from DecoPac.  Here is what it should like like when all done:


Now, for the REALLY fun part. I am making the cake itself striped with pink, white, and purple and then I’m going to freeze it until Sunday.

How am I making it striped?  Well, I’m glad you asked! I made a rainbow cake with pastel colors for Easter. The I saw zebra cake and thought that it would be cool to do the thin stripes of colors. So, I gave it a go.

I ended up using cake mix, Pillsbury with the pudding in the mix (it’s the ONLY box white cake I like). I started with 3 boxes, one for each color, but ended up having to make a fourth since I was using white twice as much as the other colors.

First, I put down three spoon fulls of white:


Then three spoons of purple right in the middle of that (well, kinda in the middle-it’s hard to take a pic and scoop batter):


Then it was three more scoops of white, then three of pink:


And on and on it went. White, purple, white, pink, white . . .


But see how it is kinda leaning to one side?  I had to tilt it and shake it a bit to get it to fill the pan evenly. So it ended up looking like this:


Unfortunately, I should have made the dye  much brighter. The colors in the cake are so light you can hardly see them. They DID come out in cool stripes though!  Just very very light cool stripes.  See if you can see them:


Now, do I use this cake or bake another?  Try to get the colors to show better?

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