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So, I already finished Twilight. I finished it up yesterday afternoon. It was very good. I get what all the buzz was about now. I admit, it is a bit young but not so much that I could not enjoy it.

The book started out very ‘teen’ but grow stronger as it went on. Almost like the Harry Potter series. The first few HP books were very young and I almost gave up reading them. But then the series grew darker and the books just kept getting better and better. I am hoping for the same from the Twilight series. That the books mature right along with Bella. From what I have heard/read, I won’t be disappointed.

It is taking all my strength not to run out and buy the next one right now. It is a perfect rainy day today too. Just right for a vampire story. We don’t get too many days were it is cloudy all day down here. I could just get completely lost in a good book today. *sigh*


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In the past few days I have been hearing a lot about these Twilight Series books. I have never heard of them before, so I was intrigued.

I saw the first one at Walmart today and picked it up. Read the first chapter and just had to throw it in my cart! It was only about $10 with tax and all, so I didn’t feel too guilty spending a little bit on myself today. The last book I bought myself was the last Harry Potter lol. (at midnight, when it was released)

I can not wait to get started on it! But I need to do some school work first. I know if I start reading it now, nothing will get done!

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