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Every year we decorate the Christmas tree with cookies!

I start with a good sugar cookie recipe. We use a straw to poke a whole in the top of each cookie before we bake it. After they are cooled, we decorate them with a yummy glaze that we make in all different colors. Once the glaze has set, we put a hook through each cookie and hang them on the tree.

They look good and taste good. Also, the kids have a blast decorating them.

The only drawback is that the tree starts to look a little bare by Christmas!

Here is an example from a few years ago.



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My goal is to make scrapbooks of the kids for everyone for Christmas. By everyone I mean the grandparents, my sister, and one for daddy too.

Scrapbooking is new to me, something I have never done before. So it is one of my personal challenges too!

I ordered a tiny scrapbook kit from my daughter through her school fundraiser and played with that first. Here are some pictures of what I did. Just a sample of the pictures. Any and all advice is welcome! I need to know what is good, what sucks, what I can do better. That kind of thing. I’m going to be making bigger ones for everyone else, the 8.5 x 11 size.


The flash got the picture here, but that is not really important. It’s the page I want you all to see. 100_3702100_3703100_3705

Notice the difference in the writing here?  I was trying out a calligraphy set that I had on hand. I’m not so good at it, as evidenced by all the other pictures. But this one here was done by  my husband. All these years and I never knew he had a knack for calligraphy. Guess who’s going to be doing the rest?


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