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Ok, my envelope system was working just fine except for one thing. It was too big. There are times when I need to have a few envelopes on me. I wanted something to fit in my purse(on the rare occasion I go shopping with no kids and no diaper bag). I found the perfect thing at Walmart for under $4.

I don’t care much for the color, or the fact that it is see through, but it was the right size. There are bigger ones for the same price that come in more neutral tones, black, gray, etc. But they would not fit in my purse, so hot pink it was.
It came with tabs that have the month on them, but the other side was blank, so I used that to write my categories on.
It opens up really nicely, there is a lot of room in there!

I realize that there are no real envelopes now, but I’m still calling it my envelope system.


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This is my version of Dave Ramsey’s envelope system. I used an average 3 ring binder and business sized envelopes. Then I punched three holes in each envelope. It works out perfectly.

These are my envelopes:
Groceries(not just food, but shampoo, soap, etc)
Tim(for lunches, etc)
Car(tires, etc)
Family Fun(eating out, etc)
Gifts(for birthdays, Christmas, etc)
Misc(for little unexpected things)
Emergency Fund(usually just gets transfered to savings though)

Using cash is taking some getting used to. This weekend I used my debit card for something even though I brought the cash. But it is helping. I went grocery shopping today and paid careful attention to every dollar I was spending and kept a running tab. I stayed $25 under! So, that money goes back into the grocery envelope in case we need something else this week. If there is still money left at the end of the week, I either move it to another envelope(like savings) or if needed leave it in the grocery envelope for next week.

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