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It can be done!  I am writing this for stay at home moms who think they can’t go back to school and take care of the kiddos, or anyone else who has thought about online schooling.

I am currently earning my bachelor’s degree for elementary education at the University of Phoenix. I also have four kids, one who stills  stay home with me. When I began, I still had two children home with me. Going back to school while they were still so young was not an easy decision to make. We were in a bad  situation where my husband lost his job, then became sick and had to be hospitalized. It was awhile before he found another job and even now he is not making half of what he used to. So, we lost everything. We lost our vehicle and our home. That is when I decided that I needed to do something. Working was out of the question. The cost of daycare would never be offset by the amount of pay I would bring in without a degree. I have always wanted to be a teacher and had a few courses right out of high school. Some of those credits transferred to the University of Phoenix and I was ready to roll!  The best part is that I will be finishing school right before my son is old enough to start school.

Classes are a bit pricey, I’m not sure how they compare to a “traditional” college though. However, my courses are covered by financial aid and I have had no out of pocket expenses. I receive grants and loans to cover my tuition. On occasion, my tuition is overpaid and I get money back from the school. This is how I got my laptop for school and then I am saving the rest. I plan to use it to put D in daycare when the time comes to do my student teaching.

Right now I have to observe classes on occasion. This is maybe one every two weeks or so. I have to have 100 hours done but I have over a year to complete them. Some of them relate to the course I am in. For example, I am interviewing a teacher about lesson planning and then observing her teach a lesson for my current course. On these days I have my mother watch D since I can plan them around my schedule.

There is a good bit of reading involved with these classes, but nothing unreasonable. The text books are all downloaded right onto my computer. Overall, the coursework is not overwhelming at all. I had to learn some time management skills, but there were a few courses I took at the beginning to help with that. I do not have to post every day, but there are some attendance requirements.

Some days it can be hard to juggle the kids, the house, and school. But overall online schooling has been great. I can take my laptop anywhere. Into the bedroom to hide from the kids and the noise, or all the way to PA on vacation. That’s right. I can go on vacation and not miss a day of school! I’m not going to say it is all easy though. I had nights were I had to stay up late to get a paper in on time or even make the decision to turn in a late assignment and take a penalty. I am almost always a little behind on my reading. But I have also turned in assignments early so that I could have a certain day “off.”  It is pretty easy to be flexible with online course.

I honestly think it is a great option for stay at home moms who are trying to find a way to go back to school. You won’t need to find daycare, leave the house, or even change out of your jammies. You can do your work during nap time (if my kid took on, anyway) or even include them. My oldest helped me out in my last math class. She was doing the same type of stuff in school at the time, so I would practice on her. I also show them fun lesson plans and get their feedback/reactions to lessons and activities. They are my own little guinea pigs. There is a huge upside to having children and learning to be a teacher. I know what kids like, what motivates them, and what just won’t work.

Feel free to ask me any questions about online schooling!  I will answer the best I can.


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*Huge sigh of relief* I am finally potty training my youngest. I am so ready for this! I can’t wait to be all done with diapers. No more poo and wiping and stinky diapers smelling up the house. No more money spent on diapers, wipes, rash cream, etc. It feels like the end of an era. My baby era. I always thought this would be sad, and after my third baby (when I thought she was the last) I was sad. No. I was devastated that she would be my last. That there would be no more new babies for us. But now, after the fourth kid, the opposite is true. I am so excited to move on to the next phase in life. No more spit up, diapers, crying, or drool. No more teething pain, diaper bags, pregnancy, or labor! Maybe now I can get my body back, or at least some resemblance of my old body. I can relax and enjoy my kids instead of being pregnant and cranky, tired from a newborn, or just busy with the baby.

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Bragging on me for a bit.

That’s right. This is MY blog and I’m going to brag about ME. If you want to read about how awesome my kids are (and they are) you can just go and read their blog. This one is mine.

I just aced another class! Go me! I can’t believe I waited so long to go back to school. My GPA is now 3.91, not too shabby. I have also been observing classes and talking with teachers. All while raising 4 kids and taking care of the house. I rock. I rock hard.

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PSA Fords catch on fire.

It’s been a few weeks since this happened, and I can think about it now without wanting to sob. Our vehicle, a 2001 Ford Expedition, caught fire in our driveway. Thankfully it happened after we got home and no one was hurt. We had only been home about an hour, me and all four kids. We were in that car an hour before.

One of the firefighters mentioned that he has seen seven so far this year. Ford Expeditions just bursting into flames. He said we were lucky it wasn’t in the garage. Homes have been burned down by Expeditions randomly catching fire in the garage in the middle of the night.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

I particularly like how the tire melted right into the driveway. We still have black melted tire goo where the Expedition used to be. No car in the driveway, oh no. Not us.

The vehicle was declared a total loss, but valued about $1500 less than what we owe on it. What!? That’s right. We have to pay $1500 for a car that caught on FIRE in our driveway, through NO fault of our own. Pretty damn cool huh?

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There are certain times during the day where I would rather have the daddy’s job.  Like all night long.  Daddy sleeps peacefully through screaming babies, vomit, urine, and many other fun things.  He doesn’t hear the children wake up with nightmares or wet beds.  He just snores on. (I don’t think he’d wake up if a car came crashing through the wall) I can’t even remember the last time I slept more than a five hour stretch.  Just that whenever I did, I woke up very very scared.

The last few nights none of the kids wanted to go to bed.  Guess who had to keep putting them back in bed?(sometimes kicking and screaming)  And poor Dennis has woke up screaming the last two nights.  I don’t know if he is having a b ad dream or maybe scared because we are in a “new” house.  The first night I could not calm him down.  He wouldn’t even nurse.  He stuck his cheek against mine and just hugged my head and cried until he passed out.  Again last night, well about 5am, he started screaming.  Then his diaper came open(stupid cheap sposies) and he peed on the bed.  I had to take care of that, all while not putting down the screaming one year old.  He finally nursed, but of course would not let me lay down to do it.

I know, I know. Someday I’ll miss it all. But at least I’ll have a full night’s sleep.

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