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I have a few goals for this year and I thought I would share them. First I want to get a “new” car. I am hoping this happens pretty soon though, thanks to a nice tax return (fingers crossed). Most likely I will get another Expedition. Yes, I remember that my last one caught on fire. But that doesn’t change the fact that I loved it and they are easy to find at a good price. After that I want to build up our savings account a bit more. My second goal is to lose weight. For real this time! I broke my goals down to help me stay focused.

Save Money (for car, then for savings)

  • Do at least 25 ChaCha questions a day
  • $50 from each pay into savings
  • Any overtime, bonus, or on call pay goes right to the savings
  • Stick to our budget exactly
  • Only use CASH

Lose Weight/Be Healthy

  • Go to the gym every other day
  • Cut out the fast food
  • Stop drinking soda (occasionally diet)
  • Cook more healthy meals at home

My ChaCha goal was 50/ day but I quickly found out how hard that is with school starting again.  I have also taken my youngest out of day care for now. I don’t really need it every week and it seems pointless to pay for it. My mom is not working now and offered to watch him on the days I need to observe.


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My goal is to make scrapbooks of the kids for everyone for Christmas. By everyone I mean the grandparents, my sister, and one for daddy too.

Scrapbooking is new to me, something I have never done before. So it is one of my personal challenges too!

I ordered a tiny scrapbook kit from my daughter through her school fundraiser and played with that first. Here are some pictures of what I did. Just a sample of the pictures. Any and all advice is welcome! I need to know what is good, what sucks, what I can do better. That kind of thing. I’m going to be making bigger ones for everyone else, the 8.5 x 11 size.


The flash got the picture here, but that is not really important. It’s the page I want you all to see. 100_3702100_3703100_3705

Notice the difference in the writing here?  I was trying out a calligraphy set that I had on hand. I’m not so good at it, as evidenced by all the other pictures. But this one here was done by  my husband. All these years and I never knew he had a knack for calligraphy. Guess who’s going to be doing the rest?


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I joined a gym! YAY for me. It is an awesome set up, with childcare, and not as expensive as I thought it would be. They have classes everyday too. I can’t wait to try out cardio kickboxing.
But I only really got to go once so far.

Day #1 was the consult. Weighed, measured, shown all the equipment, etc. It was getting to be D’s nap time then, so I told the lady I’d be back the next morning to actually get started. We walk into the kid room and D is fast asleep! Standing up with his head on one of those tiny little kid chairs. It was so funny, cause I just told her it was getting close to his nap time. I wished I had remembered my cell so I could snap a pic lol.

Day #2 D cried the whole time, back in the kids room. They finally came out and got me after FORTY minutes. (I didn’t know he’d been crying so long or I would have stopped sooner) I realize later in the day he has a fever, so I figure that is why he was so crabby. Decide to skip next day so we don’t get other kids sick too.

Day #3 stay home cause D has fever and runny nose. That night, Hazy develops an earache and slight fever.

Day #4 stay home so Hazy doesn’t get other kids sick.

Day #5 yep. Momma is sick. Today was kickboxing day too. I just wanted to watch today while I worked out, to see if I’d like to do it next time.

I can’t win lol.

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FOUR pounds!

I have lost 4lbs. I am so excited! I’ve (mostly) been watching what I eat and doing some type of work out every day. I also have a nutrition class right now and that is really helping me be aware of what I am eating. Seeing the scale was the motivation I needed to really stick with this. I ate pretty badly over the weekend, but I did get a Wii Fit! I have been using the steps on it and the hula hoop to get a good aerobic work out.

Well, I have to take all the kiddos to the store this morning for groceries. I went the other day, but stupidly only picked up a few things. So back we go again.

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Not too much to be excited about though. We have a flat tire, so that needs to be fixed. Then maybe we’ll get to do something fun this weekend, besides cut the grass. It does need cut again already, so I’ll get some exercise this weekend. That part of the challenge, being more active, is not going so well. Unless chasing kids who don’t want to be cleaned, changed, or other wise groomed, counts?

I saw a freaky/scary/interesting spider yesterday. Since it was on the other side of the glass, I could look at it all I wanted. Usually I am terrified of spiders, but it was slightly cool watching it work on it’s prey. Only the mouth moved, nothing else. It was white, with black/white striped legs. It also had an hourglass marking on it’s belly, orange not red. It’s abdomen was perfectly round and smooth. I would have sworn it was an albino black widow spider. I could not get pics through the glass and I was too chicken to go outside and get near it so no pictures. Hubby killed it last night after I went to bed. It was kind of funny that I went to look for it this morning. I was kind of curious to see if it was a young black widow and was going to turn black. The kids were looking for it too. It wasn’t any smaller than black widows I have seen before, so I don’t know if it was a baby.

I just read book #2 in the Left Behind Series, Tribulation Force (click me). I was kind of disappointed in it. I enjoyed the first one, Left Behind (click me), more. I think we’re going to get #3 from the library this weekend. I know hubby really wants to read the next. I’m not so sure anymore, but I’ll let him read it first and see what he says.

I’m hoping to release some more books into the wild this weekend. I have a box full of them that still need labeled though and I just haven’t had the time. I do have some with Valentine’s day labels on them that I never got around to releasing then. Maybe I’ll release them now anyway lol.

I have to do something active this weekend! The most I did this week, after cutting the grass, was some freeze tag with the kids. Hazy doesn’t quite get that you have to freeze when you play freeze tag, so it didn’t last long. She wouldn’t freeze and the other’s would get mad.

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Something I have never done before AND more than 30 minutes of physical activity. I cut the grass! Yep, that is right, I have NEVER in my 28 years cut grass. I only got the back yard done. It was so hot outside, I was bright red and exhausted. But I did it! Go me! Hubby took a pic for proof, I think he took it more for himself than for me lol.

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