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Brownies & Strombolis

A few days ago my mother in law called me for a peanut butter icing recipe she could put on brownies. I found her the recipe and found me craving them!  So I grabbed a box of brownie mix at the store and got cooking. For the icing, I started to follow the recipe and then stopped because I thought it was already perfect. I mixed one stick of softened butter with one cup of peanut butter. Then I added the first of the two cups of powdered sugar the recipe called for. Once it was mixed in, I tasted it before adding the second and it was delicious!  So I just stopped. I didn’t add more sugar or the milk to thin it out. I didn’t need the milk because I didn’t use more sugar. So, my simple peanut butter icing recipe is:

  • 1 stick of softened butter
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1 cup of powdered sugar

Also this week we had easy, yummy, strombolis.  These are so easy and fun to make.  The kids like to put theirs together. They have fun filling them up. You can add whatever you like to them.

Here is what I use:

  • Crescent rolls
  • Shredded cheese (mozzarella, cheddar. . .)
  • Sliced black olives
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • Tiny pepperoni

What you do it take 2 of the crescent rolls together (so they are a rectangle) and arrange your stuff on one side. I don’t put the sauce inside mine, I just like to dip them. Then fold them over and pinch them closed. I bake them at 350 for 10 minutes then flip them and bake for another 5. You don’t really have to flip them, but I like them browned evenly.


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I have a few goals for this year and I thought I would share them. First I want to get a “new” car. I am hoping this happens pretty soon though, thanks to a nice tax return (fingers crossed). Most likely I will get another Expedition. Yes, I remember that my last one caught on fire. But that doesn’t change the fact that I loved it and they are easy to find at a good price. After that I want to build up our savings account a bit more. My second goal is to lose weight. For real this time! I broke my goals down to help me stay focused.

Save Money (for car, then for savings)

  • Do at least 25 ChaCha questions a day
  • $50 from each pay into savings
  • Any overtime, bonus, or on call pay goes right to the savings
  • Stick to our budget exactly
  • Only use CASH

Lose Weight/Be Healthy

  • Go to the gym every other day
  • Cut out the fast food
  • Stop drinking soda (occasionally diet)
  • Cook more healthy meals at home

My ChaCha goal was 50/ day but I quickly found out how hard that is with school starting again.  I have also taken my youngest out of day care for now. I don’t really need it every week and it seems pointless to pay for it. My mom is not working now and offered to watch him on the days I need to observe.

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Almost Done!

We have been working hard on the kids’ playroom. It has been painted and carpeted. I moved in the furniture, got some shelves. It is looking good and the kids are loving it already. I only have ONE thing I want to do. I want to hang rain gutter bookshelves. I am going to buy them today! I’ll post some pictures after the room is done. I lost all the “before” pictures when my computer crashed. But, trust me, this room was a mess. It was just a storage room full of crap. Wait until you see it now!

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Help Horner!

Please, everyone, visit Help Horner and help us end the mistreatment of our US troops!

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According to this article the army is pressuring military doctors NOT to diagnose PTSD.

I think it is horrible that soldier who fight for our freedom do not get the proper care they deserve. This video shows what can happen when a troop slips through the cracks. That man did EVERYTHING he could to ask for help and was repeatedly mistreated by the same army who promised him the moon to join.

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OMG these are the yummiest! My hubby doesn’t really care for cake, but peanut butter cups are his favorite ‘junk’ food. So I made these to take to his birthday party today. They are made the same as these lolli-cakes. But with chocolate cake. I still only needed 1/2 can of the frosting. I melted a whole bag of peanut butter chips(reese’s) with 3 squares of chocolate almond bark. When I ran out, I used up the rest of my white chocolate then moved on to the chocolate. My husband loves them! I knew he would lol.

The peanut butter/chocolate are on the right.

Here is a fuzzy pic of how they look on the inside:

And a fuzzy pic of the inside of the red velvet with white chocolate:

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As I sit here, bored and setting up a blog, I have one kiddo “fixing” my hair. This involves her using various things, in this case a bubble wand and a towel, to brush my hair. Kiddos 1 and 2 are watching Celebrity Circus on the computer because they are not allowed to stay up late to watch it on tv. Kiddo 4 is (finally) napping.

So, what do I do with my free time? My school work(I’m taking online classes)? The paper I have due tonight? Nah. Let’s set up a blog! Maybe I’ll play some Guitar Hero next.

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