Princess Cake–part 2

Success!  My mom did an awesome job with decorating this cake. As an added bonus, I was able to get a better picture of the inside colors too.

birthday 002

birthday 007

It was so  yummy and there was plenty left over for everyone to take some home. I even have some left here!


Princess Cake–Part 1

I am baking Madison’s birthday cake and then my mom (a professional cake decorator) is going to help me decorate it. We are doing a Princess Cake from DecoPac.  Here is what it should like like when all done:


Now, for the REALLY fun part. I am making the cake itself striped with pink, white, and purple and then I’m going to freeze it until Sunday.

How am I making it striped?  Well, I’m glad you asked! I made a rainbow cake with pastel colors for Easter. The I saw zebra cake and thought that it would be cool to do the thin stripes of colors. So, I gave it a go.

I ended up using cake mix, Pillsbury with the pudding in the mix (it’s the ONLY box white cake I like). I started with 3 boxes, one for each color, but ended up having to make a fourth since I was using white twice as much as the other colors.

First, I put down three spoon fulls of white:


Then three spoons of purple right in the middle of that (well, kinda in the middle-it’s hard to take a pic and scoop batter):


Then it was three more scoops of white, then three of pink:


And on and on it went. White, purple, white, pink, white . . .


But see how it is kinda leaning to one side?  I had to tilt it and shake it a bit to get it to fill the pan evenly. So it ended up looking like this:


Unfortunately, I should have made the dye  much brighter. The colors in the cake are so light you can hardly see them. They DID come out in cool stripes though!  Just very very light cool stripes.  See if you can see them:


Now, do I use this cake or bake another?  Try to get the colors to show better?

Help Horner!

Please, everyone, visit Help Horner and help us end the mistreatment of our US troops!

According to this article the army is pressuring military doctors NOT to diagnose PTSD.

I think it is horrible that soldier who fight for our freedom do not get the proper care they deserve. This video shows what can happen when a troop slips through the cracks. That man did EVERYTHING he could to ask for help and was repeatedly mistreated by the same army who promised him the moon to join.

Every year we decorate the Christmas tree with cookies!

I start with a good sugar cookie recipe. We use a straw to poke a whole in the top of each cookie before we bake it. After they are cooled, we decorate them with a yummy glaze that we make in all different colors. Once the glaze has set, we put a hook through each cookie and hang them on the tree.

They look good and taste good. Also, the kids have a blast decorating them.

The only drawback is that the tree starts to look a little bare by Christmas!

Here is an example from a few years ago.


My goal is to make scrapbooks of the kids for everyone for Christmas. By everyone I mean the grandparents, my sister, and one for daddy too.

Scrapbooking is new to me, something I have never done before. So it is one of my personal challenges too!

I ordered a tiny scrapbook kit from my daughter through her school fundraiser and played with that first. Here are some pictures of what I did. Just a sample of the pictures. Any and all advice is welcome! I need to know what is good, what sucks, what I can do better. That kind of thing. I’m going to be making bigger ones for everyone else, the 8.5 x 11 size.


The flash got the picture here, but that is not really important. It’s the page I want you all to see. 100_3702100_3703100_3705

Notice the difference in the writing here?  I was trying out a calligraphy set that I had on hand. I’m not so good at it, as evidenced by all the other pictures. But this one here was done by  my husband. All these years and I never knew he had a knack for calligraphy. Guess who’s going to be doing the rest?


PSA Fords catch on fire.

It’s been a few weeks since this happened, and I can think about it now without wanting to sob. Our vehicle, a 2001 Ford Expedition, caught fire in our driveway. Thankfully it happened after we got home and no one was hurt. We had only been home about an hour, me and all four kids. We were in that car an hour before.

One of the firefighters mentioned that he has seen seven so far this year. Ford Expeditions just bursting into flames. He said we were lucky it wasn’t in the garage. Homes have been burned down by Expeditions randomly catching fire in the garage in the middle of the night.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

I particularly like how the tire melted right into the driveway. We still have black melted tire goo where the Expedition used to be. No car in the driveway, oh no. Not us.

The vehicle was declared a total loss, but valued about $1500 less than what we owe on it. What!? That’s right. We have to pay $1500 for a car that caught on FIRE in our driveway, through NO fault of our own. Pretty damn cool huh?